Honeycomb Pattern Update

The Honeycomb Crochet Blanket pattern by mangomum

I have updated my Honeycomb Blanket crochet pattern and I am excited to share it with you all!

The newest version has an updated format. I have organized and cleaned up the pattern so it’s easier to navigate and I hope you enjoy it.

The first page has important info like gauge, yardage, starting chain counts, and explanations of the abbreviations I use throughout the pattern.

The second page is the written instructions. I have kept the original, standard crochet instructions and I have also included a new shorthand for each row. I find this much easier to read than the traditional crochet instructions for filet, especially when there are groups of dc and ch 1 spaces.

The third page is the new border instructions. I have included both written instructions and a chart.

The fourth page is the chart for the honeycomb pattern. It has both traditional chart symbols and color to indicate Whig stitches to use where. I love these new charts i can create using a new software I discovered. They are nice and clean and being able to incorporate colors helps see what is going on so much more clearly.

The fifth and last page is an “easy print” page for your convenience. It has the short-hand instructions as well as a place for you to write your own notes. You can print out just this page to keep with your project while you’re on the go. In the notes section, I recommend writing down your hook size, yarn, and anything else you may want to keep track of in case you let your project sit on the back burner for a minute. Too many times I have done that and went to pick things back up and couldn’t remember what I was doing!

I hope you enjoy all of these new features I have included to this old favorite and that it helps make working up this beauty easier and more enjoyable for you.

The Honeycomb Crochet Blanket

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