The Quilt

There was this one summer growing up that my mom had foot surgery. She waited until summer break because she was a teacher and had to be on bed rest for like 6 weeks. She may have been a bit miserable recovering, but I was her nurse and it was the BEST summer of my life.

We hung out in her bed most of the day and I made us food and got whatever she needed. We watched TV—reality tv had just taken off and we were obsessed with season 1 of Big Brother and CourtTV—read books, she taught me how to crochet (you know how that’s going 😉), we talked about everything, and we planned this Millennium quilt. If you weren’t born yet or were just a baby, the changing Millennium was a HUGE deal when it happened. Everybody thought the world was going to crash. 😅

My mom drew up a sketch and we decided on 2000 2 inch squares of different fabric and I remember we thought it wouldn’t take that long… My mom did 99% of the work on this, so I can’t really take much credit other than being there for the initial design concept. This quilt has fabric from EVERYTHING—baby quilts she made for her grandkids and great-grandkids, old clothes from my late grandparents and my dad. I think there are squares from some of my formal dresses she made me, too. Basically if it was fabric and she could cut a square out of it, it got a square cut out of it. 🤣 22 years later and she finally finished it! I can’t wait to see it in person and show my own daughters! Amazing job, mom!!! I can only hope to have a summer like this with each of my own children.

The Millennium Quilt