Subtle Diamonds Blanket Pattern

My newest pattern added to my Etsy and Ravelry shops is the Subtle Diamonds Blanket. The only skills you will need to create this blanket is chaining and double crochet! The pattern includes a photo tutorial for creating the spike stitch and also instructions for how to create this blanket in any size and with any gauge you would like. There is a color chart included as well, so you can see the pattern visually, as well as the written instructions.

This pattern is quite special to me and has a bit of a history. My family’s home burned down in 1996, when I was in 4th grade. Unfortunately, we lost everything including, most tragically to us, our childhood things and all our photos. Last year my brother mentioned how he would love if I recreated the blanket our mother crocheted him when he was a baby, but since we lost our pictures it took us a long time to find an image. My mother came across one this summer and I started working on the pattern and crocheting it immediately. I finished it just in time for Christmas. I am very pleased to have such a special blanket pattern in my shop, and I hope you will appreciate it as well.

You can purchase this pattern on my Etsy site as well as the Ravelry site.


2 thoughts on “Subtle Diamonds Blanket Pattern

  1. Hi, just purchased Subtle Diamonds Blanket Pattern and am wondering about how many skeins of each color yarn did you use and which did size blanket did you made? Thank you

    1. Hello! Here is the approximate yardage for each size:
      Receiving Blanket 24”x24” = 800 yards
      Stroller Blanket 30”x40” = 1,000 yards
      Cradle 18”x36” = 800 yards
      Baby Blanket 36”x36” = 1,200 yards
      Throw Blanket 50”x60” = 2,500 yards
      Twin 66”x90” = 5,700 yards
      Full/Double 80”x90” = 7,200 yards
      Queen 90”x100” = 8,600 yards
      King 108”x100” = 10,000 yards

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